Our 'N'-gauge layout

'N' Gauge Layout at a glance

Name: Undecided!
Scale: British 'N' (1:148) (2.0625mm = 1ft) (9mm Gauge track)
Size: 18 x 13 feet
Era: Modelled as 1930s/40s but rolling stock varies.
Layout Style: Walk-in
Length of mainline run: Approx. 76 feet
Layout height: 42 ins
Baseboards: Combination of open frame and flat top softwood and chipboard construction
Track bed: Peco Foam underlay
Track: Combination of Peco code 80 and code 55
Points: Peco code 80 operated by Peco point motors (double slip and scissors crossover are code 55)
Electrics: Common return with cab control, trains operate on 12V DC
Scenery: Polystyrene formers with plaster-newspaper shell
Controls: Normally Gaugemaster 4 track controller with Graham Farish hand held throttle. (Final system will be with handhelds). The layout is also switchable to DCC digital control.

The N Gauge Layout:

The Previous SDMRS N gauge layout was dominated by a large station taking up most of the scenic area. When the time came to design the current layout it was decided to model much more open countryside - making use of the higher scenery to track ratio that is possible with N gauge.

The new design was chosen to allow for the modelling of a mainline running through open countryside and to include a mainline junction station with a branch line diverging to a small country station

The layout is U-shaped and the track plan follows a figure of eight shape, bent round to fit into the U. Gentle gradients separate the levels, with the track towards the rear of the layout at a higher level than that at the front. A set of hidden loops, concealed behind the back scene, are included to raise the capacity of the layout, these are monitored with CCTV.

The main station, spanning a curve at a higher level across a corner of the clubroom, features through tracks as well a bay platform and run-round for the branch line. The station also has several goods sidings and a loco depot with turntable and engine facility.

The branch runs at a higher level towards a small country station with passing loop and a bay platform, a small industrial area is also situated here with a siding serving it.


The majority of the scenic base is complete with detailing to be done in some areas. The wiring is virtually complete except for the locomotive depot. Here a few alterations have been made to enable the track work to flow better and give a more realistic appearance. A small control panel and hand held controller will be installed to allow this area to be operated independently of the rest of the layout.

A recent test proved the layout can also be operated with DCC. With all of the section switches set to the same feed and a DCC command station substituted for the corresponding DC controller.

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